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Buckeye Pumps, Inc. History and Focus

Buckeye Pumps, Inc. began its operations in September of 1983. We first entered the Ohio market area with an idea. Our idea was and is to be the BEST industrial and municipal process pump distributorship and service/repair business in our area.

Being the BEST requires us to adopt a philosophy that we live by each day that will make us the best. Also we must continually direct our individual efforts towards assessing, developing and instituting standards of service which will guide us in the creation of an optimum service oriented organization. The approach can be best characterized as one of continuous improvement.

Customer Relations

We will treat our customers as individuals, remembering that each one has special needs and it is our job to ask enough questions of the customer to know and understand the customerís true needs.

Quality of Service

We will all provide up-to-date professionally competent service to our customers while continually assessing the quality of our service from the customerís point of view. We will all recognize the importance of the customerís perception of services we render and use this as a guide for improving customer satisfaction.

Timely Information

We will minimize anxiety and stress to our customers by offering frequent and appropriate information regarding their application equipment order or repair order.

Team Self-image

We will enhance the self-image of every member of our Buckeye Team by recognizing his/her worth and importance as an integral member of our organization. Every job function is critically important to total customer satisfaction.

Buckeye Pumps Total Image

We will continue to promote a positive and ever improving image of Buckeye Pumps both within our own organization and throughout the sales territory we cover by continually evaluating our own level of quality of services rendered, both to our customer and to the world class companies we are proud to represent.

Educational Environment

We will continue to provide application, product, service and general business practices education to all Buckeye Team Members through factory assistance in Galion as well as schools held outside our offices. As we all continue to grow in our ability to serve our customers, our customers will recognize our abilities and be drawn to us as their sources of application and service assistance

Position in the Market Place

We will continue to develop and establish Buckeye Pumps as “Being the BEST” in today’s competitive process pumps and service market.

Buckeye Pumps Culture

We will improve customer service by being positive in our own attitudes and behavior. We are not just suppliers of equipment. We want to help the customer improve their process efficiently. All our relationships in business must and will be carried out in a legal, moral and ethical manner.

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